In 1560, Mr Friedrich Fugmann acquired the inn's farmstead with 53 feet long and 25 feet wide and stabling with 35 feet long and 12 feet wide in inheritance with his wife.

Mr Fugmann applies for a loan which was provided by the margrave's regnancy for burnt down middle-class houses.

In 1613, Mr Friedrich Fugman the younger (Mayor) inherited the property after his father's death.

In 1650, Mrs Margaretha Döbner is being enfeoffed as grand-daughter of mayor Fugmann.

In 1653, Mr Johann Baptist Dobenecker, baronial secretary of tutelage to Bayreuth, owns his housewife's Margaretha, neé Döbner, dwelling by the market.

In 1681, Mr Johann Caspar Müller buys half the "Dobeneckische House" for 2.00 fl (Florentians) and 4 Thl. (Thaler).

In 1685, Mr von Künsberg is being under arrest in the inn "Weißes Roß".

1712: The formerly "Dobeneckische House" is now owened by the Councillor von Ellepast.

1747: Mrs Margaretha Hölzel, neé Weinlein and Mr Christoph Hölzel are being enfoeffed with the dwelling house and the inn "Weißes Roß". The house owns the licence.

In 1759, Mr Christoph Heinrich Schneider, butcher and landlord obtains the dwelling house by the market.

In 1809, Mr Ernst Schneider, landlord, purchases dwelling house no. 46 "Zum Weißen Roß" from his father, the inn with the spirits' right for 6200 fl (Florentians).

In 1854, dwelling house, entry to the basement, hornet cattle keeping, kitchen vaults with rooms, slaughter house with chamber, horse keeping with woodden floor and piggery with courtyard.

In 1907, Mr Hans Lauterbach buys the inn "Zum Weißen Roß" for Mark 83000.

In 1922, his widow Mrs Margaretha Lauterbach inherites the inn.

Son Mr Hans Lauterbach marris Ms Margaret Böhm from Kauerndorf in 1926.

Towards the end of WW2, the Americans squated the premises. Thanks to "Mom" Lauterbach's fine cuisine, the premises remained afterwards family property.

In 1986, the third and fourth generation with son Mr Gerhard Lauterbach and grand-daughter Mrs Vera Lauterbach take over the hotel.

The first modernisation and the new building of the beds' wing in the back premises took place in 1991.

From February 2004 to May 2005: after an 8-year-planning, the main building is completely reconstructed and modernised for over 1 million Euros thanks to the support of the foundation of Upper Franconia, Monument conversation and Urban Development Council.



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